Dec 172010

Scientist Surfing Picasso Tabatha Fulker

We’ve all heard of Surfing the Menu – Bender and Curtis taking us on a culinary tour of Oz with surfboards closer at hand than a garlic crusher – but my partner surfs the artist’s palette.

It’s not as obscure as you think. An environmental scientist who works from home, he gets to take the surf early most mornings, and on a Friday (work allowing) he throws his wetsuit aside for sketch pad, charcoal and ink and steers the deadly treadly to Byron Scout Hall for Ron Curran’s Dynamic Drawing class.

Now, that a surfer draws may not seem so strange (the artwork on any good surfboard blows the myth surfers have a one track talent out of the water), but what astounds me is that what started as wobbly line scratchings vaguely resembling the round turn of a genderless derriere, has crystalised into intricate sweepings of human formed lines I’m delighted to have hanging on our walls.

My scientist surfing Picasso is looking into his Fred Williams’ landscape painted dreamy future and is contemplating ACE art classes and Lismore TAFE’s highly recommended short and long term courses, but whatever he chooses to follow, he swears unerring loyalty to Ron Curran’s classes.

Everyone is welcomed: Radiohead, Janis Joplin and Miles Davis play on high-rotation, and apparently Ron’s encouragement of the free-formed flowing line drawing is a must for any aspiring artist.