Dec 172010

John Smith – Senior Lecturer Visual Arts – Southern Cross University
Waywood Gallery’s first exhibition, under new management, is an extraordinary one indeed. Ron Curran’s Dynamic Drawing classes have been gradually developing a word of mouth reputation, for almost 7 years now. His teaching has quietly but steadily gained an almost legendary status amongst artists, students and the art teaching fraternity in the region. Ron’s unpretentious manner and his uncompromising approach to work nurtures a high level of competency across a diverse range of abilities.

Now, at last, everyone in the community has a chance to view a major group exhibition of works produced Dynamic Drawing students. Ventureland: The Crashing Doors Exhibition is on at Waywood Gallery, 3 Centennial Circuit, A&I Estate Byron Bay until May 12

This exhibition is an explosive fountain of energetic expression and exploration. The figurative and abstract works are much more than life studies or media experiments, they are a demonstration of just how much people can release through an art making process. But they are not just some primal or shocking outburst, the level of achievement displayed in this show is very impressive.

The sensitivity and balance at the edge of release and gathering that allows the work to flow from these Dynamics is achieved through much practise. You can feel the artists breathing through these works. They make me want to go home and paint. It makes me want to put my hand in my pocket too. There are too many good purchases to choose from in this eclectic mix of established artists, students and complete novices to mention here. I can only urge you to visit the show.

The next Art Gallery at Southern Cross University is also showing an exhibition of staff and student work titled Draw, from May 8. I suggest a visit to both these shows as an engaging package.