Dec 182010

‘Ron Curran’s Dynamic Drawing classes have been gradually developing a word of mouth reputation, for almost seven years now.  His teaching has quietly but steadily gained an almost legendary status amongst artists, students and the art teaching fraternity in the region.  Ron’s unpretentious manner and his uncompromising approach to work nurtures a high level of competency across a diverse range of abilities.’  John Smith, Senior Lecturer, Visual Arts, Southern Cross University

‘…. I have benefited from the knowledge, skills and perceptions that he has passed on.  I have found him to be a gifted teacher and witnessed many students gaining confidence and breaking boundaries in their creative expressions.’  Kerry Gray, ART & Text

‘I have had the great privilege of taking part in Ron’s Dynamic Drawing workshops over the last one and a half years. Ron’s leadership in these workshops was anything but mere instruction. Ron, skillfully and patiently, provided me with a consistent reminder of that intangible – an inner vision, that is so easily clouded over by societal and corporate demands. As a practicing Architect and as an academic, empirical researcher I can attest that this vision is a necessary antecedent for true production.’ Dr. Peter B. Vassallo, The University of Melbourne

‘Just wanted to say thanks for the drive and inspiration I received and took part in your class.   I know it’s a bad pun but it added much colour to my stay in Byron .   Ross MacGregor, Scotland

‘Thank you for creating such a class as yours.  It has been wonderful for my daughter, totally inspirational and mentally stimulating and very supportive of who she is.’  Mercia

‘I completed a four year Fine Arts course at the National Gallery of Victoria Art School 1964-1968 and have shown works in mixed exhibitions…  With Ron’s expert guidance and influence, I developed a much freer and fluid style and as a result my drawings are much stronger.  I felt I learned more in one year than in 26 years attending various classes and drawing groups.  In my opinion, Ron has a natural gift to teach and is an inspiration to fellow artists and students alike.’  Susan Brockhoff

‘Recently I have been attending Dynamic Drawing classes run by established Byron Bay-based teacher Ron Curran. Ron passionately promotes the intuitive and expressive essence of drawing and his classes have been life-changing and a major inspiration for my current series…. In particular, the zen-like use of space and the fluidity of the mark-making and the individual sense of self which is emerging in every piece, have all occurred from cathartic realisations during Ron’s drawing classes.’ Katherine Edwards, Melbourne

‘Thank you for inviting us to emotionally and intellectually transcend the everyday!’ Marion Douglas, Brisbane

‘…. you have helped me to become a more authentic woman by allowing me and encouraging me to simply be my true self and thanks to you, I can see myself as an artist with potential.’  Jane, Melbourne

‘You walk the razor sharp edge of eye’s experience, secret and unknown levels of consciousness.  Struggling in murky waters, panic stricken, you let go to inevitable death and awakening; shaking off the vestige of golden tears from the river of your own soul, you emerge enriched….  Thank you Ron for a terrific, inspiring and life changing Friday am in Byron Bay 2002.’ Rosemary, Byron Bay

‘I started Ron’s class three years ago, rediscovering the playful, sensual side of myself – sometimes I’m so excited to do my art on Friday’s, I can’t sleep well the night before. It’s opening a door into a new, exciting world that relates to all the things I’m interested in eg. pre-history – the great artists – like El Greco, Paul Klee, Picasso, Matisse, Soulages, Van Gogh, Roualt, Dobell to mention a few, the expressions of human experience and just the sensual pleasure of discovering how colours and hues and textures move together and communicate with deep feelings and spiritual connections. The talking mind stops and there is dialogue with fresh energy – challenging me to surrender. The country sings and the people dance.’ Cleis Pearce, Byron Bay musician & artist

‘I have spent many years studying self development and recently came to the realisation that I could not move on and live what I had learnt until I let go! You may remember when we had a chat on the first day we met, I mentioned the experience of that wonderful moment when after months of bouncing in the saddle, I suddenly became one with the horses movement. You too gave me a Xmas gift more wonderful than you could imagine when you facilitated the moment when I let go of the constraints that have been limiting my drawing and potentially my life. A significant moment when I discovered the freedom a child has when they creatively express the beauty that lies within. I have been waiting a life time for this, so please accept my deep gratitude.’ John McCallum, Melbourne, Director McCallum Advertising, Melbourne

‘You’ve got no idea how much you have helped me in becoming the person that I am now. Painting, being creative is such an important part of my life now. I couldn’t live without.’ I am forever grateful to you.’ Margreet, Byron Bay

‘I had a great time in your class and I know now what you were trying to say.. speak my own language. I will always remember that. Thank you again and take care, art forever!’ Hitomi, Japan

‘Just wanted to thank you for the life drawing class, ten days back, when Carol and I were visiting in Melbourne from Tassie. We both really enjoyed it and benefited from the very positive environment that you have created. It was a lot of fun and it was reassuring to hear such sensible views on the drawing process. We will certainly look in again if we get back to Melbourne. All the very best and keep up the good work.’ John and Carol, Tasmania

‘I just wanted to say Thanks! I went to my first class on Tuesday night and absolutely loved it. It is everything and more than I was looking for!! I’m looking forward to exploring and expanding more and more.’ Amanda, Melbourne

‘I really enjoy the classes. You are great – really positive, motivating and inspiring!’
Kirsty Boardman, Artist, Melbourne

‘I am extremely appreciative of your input and support and value deeply the sharing of your knowledge and the impact that your approach has had on my art practice.’
Kylie (Kylie Baudino B.Bus, B.FA ( Visual Art), Melbourne

‘As my first experience of life drawing you introduced me to an essence of life that I hadn’t expected. I think what you do and have to offer people is timely and amazing.’ Sally Cunningham