Dec 182010

The dynamic drawing classes are a no frills, grass roots drawing forum where everyone is welcome to come and explore who they are and how drawing fits into this. There are no exclusions and there is no hierarchy, grading or criteria. If you would like to come to simply draw but for whatever reason you’ve had hesitation, blocks in your mind or obstructions of any kind, then now is the time to drop that, give that monkey on the shoulder the shove……. the tables in dynamic drawing are open to all and await you. You will be fully respected as the unique individual you are and given all the value, assistance and support you deserve.

We hold that everyone is special and different and has, at the very least, a significant and even extraordinary story to tell when it comes to drawing, and that is expressed in their own language and individual style that often effects an unexpectedly and a strikingly poetic range of images. This originality, within the history of art, is at the heart of all the best work and it is intimate and valuable beyond measure.

The very last thing that we would wish to do is to ‘mould’ anyone or push a ‘fixed’ drawing style; that would be destructive and de-humanising in the extreme………. all the best work has not only vitality and originality but mystery and the natural breath of human touch and vision. It is simply the only way to draw. All ‘structure’ in drawing comes from that original pulse. The classes are all about revealing, inviting and delivering those ‘structures’ back to their original owners, namely you.

‘It’s the natural instinct of a child to work within outwards; “First I think and then I draw my think.” What wasted efforts we make to teach the child to stop thinking and only to observe!’ Ananda K. Coomaraswarmy

Everyone’s experience of the world is different, unique and valuable and translates out into equally intimate and yet phenomenal narratives. Dynamic drawing is not just about drawing but discovering who you actually are. Strategies are used in a really positive way to help you on your drawing journey, to help you discover your own, original drawing language. It is not just another illustration class. Drawing at it’s purest moment is a vibrant, uplifting and contemporary philosophy – a way of translating your experience in real terms. In fact, just what art history, in reality, has been all about. It is part raw abandonment and part meditation and witness.

We are smarter intuitively that we could possibly believe. Strong work comes from that amazing intersection where our attachments and fears collide into the recognisable vision of who we are.

Dynamic Drawing also conducts group bookings and is available for school drawing workshops, corporate drawing workshops, hens parties and for other private events and group functions.

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